Beaver Creek, Canada

Beaver Creek is a town that is situated in the Yukon territory of Canada. It covers an area of ten and a half square miles, and has a population of eighty- eight residents. This town is near the Alaskan/Yukon border at historical mile twelve hundred and two. It is composed of mainly tourists lodges and hotels and is a major tourist attraction. Other businesses in this quaint little town is a bank and a Canada Customs Post. This community has a sub-arctic climate and has an elevation of twenty-five hundred feet. The average high temperature during the summer is sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit and the average lowest winter temperature is twenty-five degrees below zero. The town is also home to the White River First Nation. This is a First Nation that speaks the Athapaskan language and their traditional territory runs from the Donjek River in Alaska to the area south of the Yukon River.

A popular location in the area is Fort Selkirk. This former trading post is situated on the Yukon River. It is believed that the site on which the trading post was built in 1848 was used by various First Nation tribes for over eight thousand years. This Hudson Bay Company post went on to become a very important supply port for merchants using the Yukon River. In the 1950s, this post was abandoned after the Klondike Highway was built and traffic on the river died. Several of the buildings here have been renovated and is managed by a joint venture between the Yukon Government’s Department of Tourism and Culture and the First Nation of Selkirk. Most visitors come to this area by boat, but there is also an airstrip nearby that visitors can use to access it.

Another popular attration in the area of Beaver Creek is Kluane National Park and Reserve. This park was founded in 1972 and covers an area of thirteen thousand square miles. It contains the highest mountain in all of Canada. This mountain is named Mt. Logan, has a height of almost eighteen thousand feet and is a part of the Saint Elias Mountain Range. Eighty-two percent of this park are either mountains or glaciars and it has over one hundred different species of birds which include the Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle and Rock Ptarmigan. There are many different activities for visitors to do in the park including hiking, horseback riding, rafting, boating and fishing. Hiking and horseback riding in the park is facilitated by several trails which include Sheep Creek Trail, Klondike Trail, Bullion Plateau Trail, Slims West Trail, St. Elias Lake Trail, Mush Lake Road, Dezadeash River Trail, Auriol, Alsek Trail, Shorty Creek, Cottonwood, Kathleen Lake Trail, Rock Glacier Trail, Soldiers Summit Trail, Alsek Pass, Chilkoot Trail, Kokanee and King’s Throne Trail. Boating and rafting in the park can be done on the Alsek River, on Mush Lake and Kathleen Lake. These two lakes also have a lot of fishing opportunities as the lakes are
filled with fish such as sockeye salmon, white fish, northern pike, rainbow trout and arctic grayling.

Other popular attractions in and around Beaver Creek include Dempster Highway, Frenchman Lake, Muktuk Kennels, Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall, Emerald Lake Ranch, Dawson City Museum, Takhini Hot Springs, Bennett Beach, Yukon Arts Center, Yukon Transportation Museum, MacBride Museum, Yukon Beringia Interpretive Center, Old Log Church, Whitehorse Fishway, Palace Grand Theater, Tatshenshini River, Katherine Lake, Kathleen Lake, Westmark Beaver Creek and the Alsek River.